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Centennial cedars

Centennial cedars

Togakushi, Nagano

These trees at the top of a mountain leading to a shrine are hundreds of years old, some reaching 700-800 years! Did the planter of these trees realize how long these trees would last? How many people they would inspire? How many people would trek halfway across the world just to witness them?

It’s amazing to think that the trees themselves could care less about any of that, and just continue to do what they do: grow.

I want to be able to do something that could leave a long-lasting and inspirational mark.

The sky in the sea


I always forget how close such beautiful scenery can be found close to Tokyo. Looking at this scene, I was wondering about the depths of the ocean and the sky. Which of these blue absysses is deeper? But it only took a few seconds of rational thinking to be reminded that the sky goes on infinitely into space, while the ocean, deep as it may be, must have a bottom where it meets earth. Therefore, there is no contesting that the sky is much deeper than the ocean.

And all it took was a second of rational thinking to ruin the perfect magic of a mysterious reflection.